Optimized-pppEE model is designed to be implemented as an informal/co-curricular activity in a Smart Classroom of a secondary school. Major part of this model is students’ entertainment through audio-visual films/contents/documentaries. This model will create an opportunity for the students to achieve multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience along with entertainment.


To make the school as an enjoyable and welcoming learning environment as the supplement of co-curricular activity.


  • To make students aware in different issues by watching audio-visual contents to secondary level students through SCR.
  • To explore students’ opinion and experiences regarding multiple co-curricular issues.
  • To create environment for students’ curiosity and eagerness for further knowledge.

Model briefing
EEEE session will be conducted in an active smart classroom established by Dnet. A certain number of students will attend the sessions with the facilitation of a teacher through some parts. Session plan will be designed and provided by Dnet. Dnet will orient the facilitators about the objectives of the session and the process of conducting the session among the students. Contents will be collected and from various sources like you tube, google search, national & international archives, Movies, Documentaries etc. Contents will be selected according to a checklist consisting some criteria.

By attending the session’s student will be able to know about social and emotional aspects of learning. Different activities on different issues will enable our students to take their part in human and environmental sustainability.


5 Schools

Achieved : 5 Schools

Target : 200 Schools