UntitledLEAP is a web based platform, delineates a bank that contains secondary level’s subject based questions. With the help of this portal anyone subscribed can retrieve an amount of questions according to their needs, can execute online examination in their institution and can impose an online based homework administration practice for their child and pupils.

Beneficiaries of this portal are educational institutions, students, teachers, and guardians. They have to create a user account to get the access and services. According to their requirement different types of packages are offering in here. Clients are able to see different grades and different subjects. After selecting grade and subject list of chapters and lessons in the particular subject will get appear before them. They will be able to select single or multiple or full lesson, chapter and book wise question from the portal.

Our prime mission is to ensuring quality maintained available resources for all sorts of summative and formative assessment and involving students, parents, teachers and schools in active and regular assessment procedure through online. A large number of rural and under-privileged students doesn’t know the creative questioning pattern properly. Our plan is to develop the capacity of preparing a question and develop the capacity of learner to answering them in accurate way. We believe ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, our dream is overall development (Development of Teachers & Students) of assessment and evaluation through this Portal.