Md. Shahidur RahmanMd Shahidur Rahman, currently working as Program Officer of Education and Training in Dnet, who has served different educational projects undergone in rural sections of Bangladesh. Being professionally energetic and ambitious personnel, he has been serving assorted tasks of M&E, non-formal program design, budgeting, developing instructional materials and project proposals, and keeping liaison with national and international stakeholders. Additionally, as a graduate from Institute of Education and Research, he has firm grip in educational phenomena, their implications, practices and hands on experience on research designs in both qualitative and quantitative and methods like Survey, ethnography, Case Study, FGD, Observation, Descriptive and inferential statistics. He, further, had experience working with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, doing field level research on School Health Promotion program. He has got studies on educational technology published in scholarly journals.

Shahidur has been facilitating and developing training manual for more than three years. Most of the training he has conducted on, basically, effective pedagogy and andragogy practices. He was one of the personnel to localize Khan Academy videos for primary grades and help build capacity of project school teachers to deliver effectively the videos to the students. He posses an excellent ability to motivate others, coupled with the ability to communicate comfortably at all levels. Recently Shahidur has been validated as a core skills trainer from Sri Lanka, by British Council-Global team, and started delivering training on six core skills and their proper alignment with national curriculum to the primary and secondary grade teachers from different divisions.